Secrets of a $ 100,000 Per Year Google AdSense Publisher

Secrets of a $ 100,000 Per Year Google AdSense Publisher - When I started to health problems that work a real job I loved, I had to have a way to make money from home. Although there are probably many programs that might have worked, I opted for AdSense, because it was Google's baby. Google was founded as a great company for years, and I knew that if anyone was going to be a legitimate company that could afford to pay me, it was them.

I just had to figure out how to build some websites and make money with Google.

As you can imagine, it happened not at night (and I made a lot of mistakes along the way), but it happened, and my income has steadily grown over the past few years. This year for the first time, I broke the six figures to highlight. This article shares a part of what I've learned along the way.

What I've learned about making money with AdSense

1. consumer-oriented sites work best

Think product/service reviews and information for the consumer. If you write about consumer products or services, you pull people in the "buy mode". They find your article or blog post, because they came online to search for information about that certain thing. They were already thinking about making a purchase before she even got to your site, and this makes them a lot more likely to click your ads and to buy something at the dealer on the other side.

2. search engine traffic puts the best

I know that social media marketing is all the rage, but people who Stumble on your site or click on someones Twitter link probably isn't in the "buy mode". They do not actively surfing, and they are probably looking for more fun than to buy products.

There is nothing wrong with the works of the social media to get links, but remember basic search engine optimization tactics.

3. the best links are free

You don't need millions of page views per month in order to make good money from AdSense (when I checked again on the last 12 months, I had less than 4 million for the whole year), but you need some. As you know, search engine traffic comes as a direct result of links to your site.

I suspect that almost everyone here is familiar with article marketing as a means to free links, and that is a proven method. You can also often scoring free links (sometimes even of big name bloggers) by simply to write about nice things. Buy packs of articles not only from people ... go out and do research into cool stuff (funky new products or innovative solutions to problems) to write about, and send a "tip" to bloggers in your niche to find. She would like to cover that story and chances are they'll give you a credit link.

4. This is a program for people who love to write

Of course, you can earn money with AdSense if you're not a writer, but who will the AdSense way easiest to travel find are those who like to create content (unlike those who pay for PLR articles and just throwing stuff on the web in the hope that the search engines will a few random visitors on their sites splash).

Yes, you can buy the content, but ask yourself or the people you really care about your niche articles buy from. And ask yourself whether you can really quality content for $ 5 an article or less.

Trust me, getting links is a lot easier if you've got great content infused with its own personality of the author, stories and experiences. It is difficult to get good content to buy on the cheap. If you can afford to hire a good writer to produce your content, then you can get away with not being the writer, but it is difficult to start that way for most people.

5. running a website or blog into a wealth-generating assets takes time

I have two dollar created my first month with AdSense. It took me four years to build up enough content and enough traffic to my sites to six figures to break. Due to health problems, I did this all part-time (about an hour per day was my average), so you don't necessarily need to convert a large number of hours per day to get to the point where you are earning good money with AdSense, but you need to be patient.

Domains take the time to age and are trusted by search engines, content takes time to build, left, of course, take the time to acquire, etc. etc. etc.

It is certainly possible to make money fast online, but if you fast money, AdSense is probably not on your route. If, on the other hand, you're willing to be patient and the time required for a site of nothing to grow to an authority to take, it can be an asset you pay over and over again, getting that legendary, while-you-sleep income.

Even if you build a great site, you will find that there are livestock

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Untuk adsense, sampai sekarang saya masih mempelajarinya, soanya masih belum paham betul. Terima kasih tips dan infonya :)

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