Adding Google Adsense Income Through Dollar

Adding Google Adsense Income Through Dollar - What is Google Adsense? please read What is Google Adsense?

How to google adsense earn money and pay us?

Google is rich, even beyond the wealth of riches to a nation. Not a few of the advertisers that promote products, web, via their website on google google adwords. Every one of us clicks on google ads, each advertiser will be charged from it. Have you ever tried to advertise my friend on facebook. Try-try, then my friend would know. Similarly, a technique in google adwords.

And what google adsense pay us?

Google adsense ads to make a program for bloggers with a way to register first. Then google will give you a specific javascript code in your blog or site. When we put the script, it will automatically pop up ads that match the theme of our discussion blog. When a visitor clicks on ads on our blog our blog, we will get paid. Yes just a click of course we already got paid. Dooonk good, hehehe.
What perklik paid advertising on google adsense, and vary depending on each country. in the United States and Canada are huge, while in Indonesia alone (blog in Indonesian language) ranged between $ 0.01 - $ 0.05 per click. (small yaa?) Calculate the dollar exchange rate alone deh pake now. Thus the priority of traffic the blog crowd.

Our own income in google adsense is not restricted. Want 100 dollar per month or 1000 dollars is not a problem. But it's certainly not easy to take many months and years to get to that level.

2 kinds of engineering payment click on google adsense

1. Click Through Rate(CTR)

CTR is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of how many impressions you get. In other words, CTR is the percentage of clicks based on the number of how many times the page is displayed. Mathematical formula, CTR = number of clicks: the number appears.

2. Cost Per Click(CPC)

CPC (Cost Per Click): namely that we will get the payment as a publisher when an ad is clicked by a visitor. The value of each ad is clicked would have different values​​. depends on many things such as course of the country where the visitor who clicks on these ads, and how many web pages that have been opened by the visitor before the click, and so forth.
Fair is not, let our blogs visited by 1000 visitors a day, just 5% are clicking. Hmmmm was really tempting. Do not need hard hard to find extra dollars just enough to make posts.

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