Google Adsense Tips for Quick Registration in the Approve

Google Adsense Tips for Quick Registration in the Approve - Basically, the adsense registration process is not as difficult as imagined, as long as we are "clean". Net in this case of course we do not publish a blog mainly pornographic content (aja nude banned word), violence, racial sentiments, and content in the form of hacking and other conditions.

there may be some emphasis that we must follow in order to quickly accepted the submission of our adsense;

  1. Where the origin visit our blog? How many posts that have been published? Google expects our visits are from google search (organic), both or Instead of the link facebook, twitter or web directory, or the results of email marketing promo. There is no exact number of how many there are at least post a blog, but I recommend at least 15-20 posts. please go to the dashboard blog in Statistics> traffic sources to find out the origin of the visit. 
  2. If you have content on the blog "problematic" as raw Copas, content that violates copyright (for example, download mp3 songs, pirated software, examples of thesis etc.) immediately delete it.
  3. Does your blog take another PPC advertising? There is also one of the conditions to be met. We must remove these other PPC advertising. This is what happened to my blog, so I was cleaning out the ads and content, less than 1x24-hour, full-approve my account immediately and start running ads.
  4. At the time of enrollment (special blogspot) slot ads / adsense gadget should not be removed, because the process is waiting for google to know what the content of our blog, recently approved. Similarly, if we do not use blogger / blogspot.
  5. Make sure the navigation of our blog can be seen clearly, the blog archives, contents and additional gadgets. Make sure guests know where and where the advertising content, so that visitors do not get caught.
I think that's 4 things I need to emphasize that our google account can be received, under this there are also other important terms that I quoted from adsense sites.

Blog google adsense ads that show should not be;

  1. Sales or deployment contains or college term paper assignment
  2. Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, browse websites, or reading emails
  3. Adsense ad format should not be placed in a floating ad / pop up / slide widget.
  4. Do not include content or defraud or deceive construction to raise the site's ranking on search engines (eg, PageRank sites), many bloggers who use fake pagerank on his blog. It is also prohibited.
  5. Blogs banned from placing excessive keywords, repetitive, or irrelevant in the content or code of web pages
For more requirements you please open the  

Read carefully the requirements, if we want to make a full adsense approve. 


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