Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense Tips - How can we avoid a banned Adsense? Here are 7 tips to play safe Google.

1. Avoid Click Advertising Yourself

The main reason why most people are excluded from the Adsense program is because they clicked their ad sendiri.Pastikan you never do this with apapun.Memang reason, it is likely to occur if the cursor in some situations we accidentally click your own ads. What if this happens? Thankfully, Google was able to give wisdom on this! Google email immediately and explain the real issues. Make sure they know that it is an unintentional mistake and will not be repeated lagi.Anda can email them through They appreciate honesty, and usually forgiving. (Better than the first report we first spotted them together.

2. Do not Ask Others For Clicking Your Ad

The second main reason why most people are excluded from the Adsense Program is to ask others to click on ads mereka.Contoh, if the site is written: "Please click on the ads below!" Wah .. do not get it, definitely caught! Or by asking friends in the forum / mailing list "Please dong my Adsense click-in". It was not fair! You can not ask others to click your ads for any reason. This is an ad kesalahan.Kalau you are attractive to visitors, by themselves they would have clicked.

3.  Do not Give Label On Your Adsense Ads

This error is probably not going to cause you released by Google, but usually you will get a warning. So better do not take risks with doing ini.Banyak people like to label them by placing text ads on Adsense. For example, the text that we often encounter in the Adsense is the words "Great Products" or "Related Services". Try not! The only text allowed are placed on top of Adsense is "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisements".

4. Do not Put Competitor Google Ads

Google Adsense does not allow ads to be displayed on web pages in which contain other ads or services that are considered as a competitor to Google or other services similar to the Adsense program. :-)

5. Note the placement of Adsense ads on your site

There are some rules you need to follow 9 Tips for Google Adsense Adsense placement on the page of your site. Here is a list of rules:

  • Not more than 3 ad units are displayed on each page.
  • Maximum of 2 search boxes may be placed in a page.
  • In addition to placing three ad units and 2 search boxes, we can still add one other type of ads on each page is an ad link. So if you want to use the overall total of only 6 ads on every single page of the site. (3 ad units-shaped pieces, two pieces in the form search box, and a form of ad link).
  • Google ads may not be placed on pages that have no content. Including the error page, the page for login, registration, "thank you page" or "welcome page".
  • Adsense ads should not be displayed on a domain that is still in-parking, no pop ups (except DHTML pop-up), pop unders, or even in email.
  • Adsense ads should not be placed on the page that aims to sell another ad.
  • Elements contained in the pages that Google ads will be placed should not obscure the display ad. Both in terms of color, text and URL.
  • Click on the Google ads will not generate or counted if it is done through a new browser window that is still in the stage of introduction.
6. Do not Put All Wrong Code

Any Adsense or search box code must copy and paste directly into web pages without certain modifications. Publisher is not allowed to alter any part of the Adsense code.

7. Do not use Copyright Material

With the aim to avoid the claims of the party associated with copyright, the owner of the website must not place Adsense ads on pages that contain MP3, Video, News Groups, and images. Unless we already have a license, or MP3, Video and pictures are not copyrighted or indeed ours.

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