Terms And Advantages Of Using Google Adsense

Terms And Advantages Of Using Google Adsense - I have shared earlier on about What is Google Adsense? Until now google adsense is still the belle of the bloggers of doing business online alias to find money through blogging. There is a convenience offered by Google Adsense, especially in terms of payment disbursements are allowed to pass the Post office (western Union).

In addition there are several other advantages that have google adsense, among others;

  1. Google adsense displays ads that are relevant and appropriate to the theme of our blog is different from the local PPC advertising theme that's it.
  2. Relatively easy to follow especially good for beginner bloggers who are masters.
  3. Ads from certain sites in the google adsense can be set or blocked from appearing
  4. We can put google adsense on several blogs at once though with only one adsense account
  5. By placing ads from google adsense we do not have to bother anymore to find advertisers on our blog.
  6. Make us a hard time making a credit card / Paypal account, can melt through a check, the condition must balance reaches $ 100.
If the above are the hallmarks google adsense other than PPC ads, here are the shortcomings or constraints that exist in the google adsense;

  1. In the submission of accounts is often slow and wait for a fairly long process, and not all submissions received by the account because of the rules (TOS) in google adsense.
  2. Payment process was quite complicated, it could take many months.
  3. Once we break the rules are already set, then immediately direct our adsense account banned by google.
before we would sign up and create google adsense account is just as well we know first what about the terms for submission is received in our account google adsense account and that we are not banned / blocked.

Owner of the account or the account submitting at least 18 years old

  • Never click on advertisements during the layout preview (although ads have not aired in the blog) if you do this would immediately be rejected.
  • Have a minimum of 10-15 blog posts
  • Copy and paste the article is not the result, we could get away from it, but if caught or there were reports aja deeech wait.
  • Blog or website does not contain pornographic content, racial intolerance, violence and the things that can harm certain parties.
  • Ensure our blog visitors yaa 20s was minimal, if your blog is most likely empty yaa filing registration will also be slow even rejected.
  • We have an active blog, the update must be regular and continuous post, not necessarily every day, once a week could be an important update. If we update once a month, well do not expect to approve banyakbisa in google adsense.
  • for my friend who want to know more please read HERE.

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